Environmental monitoring in one place with charts, email and SMS alerts

Control the environment in real-time without expensive equipment and time-consuming setup.

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Track climate conditions on regular basis

Ensure full control over your environment (data center, warehouse, refrigerator, production line, industry) with our simple monitoring application, including temperature, humidity, and other parameters.

CE MonitorApp is equipped with a built-in WWW interface, SMS and email alarms, push notifications, and charts, keeping you always up-to-date with the conditions in your environment.

Why to choose CE MonitorApp?

All-in-one: A dashboard that allows for the integration of controllers from different manufacturers and reviewing measurement history.

Savings: Eliminates the need for a virtual machine, backup power, and an external GSM modem.

Security: Our application can be supplemented with a special HUB that adds double encryption to communication with controllers.


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Security in Your Hands – Save Time and Money with an Environmental Monitoring Application Featuring SMS, Email, and Push Notifications

Did you know that monitoring environmental conditions in your business can be not only simple but also safe, without incurring costs for a virtual machine, backup power, or server space reservation?

CE MonitorApp for climate condition control provides convenient tracking and notification of climate conditions in data centers, warehouses, halls, and other spaces, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Why Choose CE MonitorApp?

No Additional Costs

You don't have to worry about incurring costs for a modem, UPS, virtual machine, or server, making our application even more accessible and user-friendly.

Data Security

With the optional SecurityHUB, we additionally take care of the security of your data, ensuring that your data is protected."

Easy Setup

The application setup is simple and quick, thanks to a selection of ready-made options from a list.

SMS and Push Notifications

With our application, you will receive SMS and push notifications on your phone without the need for an external modem.

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EUR net


For small systems comprising from one to three devices

EUR net

per month





EUR net


EUR net





EUR net


EUR net


For large distributed systems with a higher number of sensors and notifications


  • 360-day historical charts or for a specific date without limit
  • 1 administrator account and 3 read-only accounts
  • Unlimited email and push notifications
  • 15 SMS notifications per month
  • Limit of 3 devices or 20 sensors per account
  • Exporting data to .xlsx or .csv
  • Support via email or chat
Test now for free!
Test now for free!
Test now for free!
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For small distributed systems and a greater number of notifications

Custom Pricing

For clients valuing monitoring and premium quality products

Includes everything in the Basic package, plus:

  • 2 administrator accounts and 5 read-only accounts
  • 20 recorders or 60 sensors per account
  • 30 SMS notifications per month
  • Support via phone, email, or chat
  • Servers located in EU
  • Exporting data to .xlsx or .csv
  • Option to add an additional limit for recorders / sensors (at an additional cost)
Includes everything in the Pro package, plus:

  • Unlimited time subscription
  • 150 SMS notifications per month with no limit, with the option to top up
  • No limit on devices
  • Server with additional encryption
  • 1 piece of SecurityHUB included in the subscription price
  • Discount on controllers up to 15%
  • Individual support via phone, chat, or email
Includes everything in the Optimum package, plus:

  • 3 administrator accounts and 10 read-only accounts
  • 50 recorders or 100 sensors per account
  • 100 SMS notifications per month
  • Support via phone, email, or chat
  • Servers located in EU
  • Exporting Data to .xlsx or .csv
  • Option to add an additional limit for recorders / sensors (at an additional cost)

Which manufacturers does

CE MonitorApp support?

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